7 smoothie recipes for rapid weight loss

did you know that there are many different types of delicious smoothies that can help you lose weight the process of losing weight by drinking smoothies is called detox today I am going to give you seven smoothie recipes that will help you lose weight fast before you go on with this video please subscribe to my channel and make sure to hit the bell icon below to get updated when I upload a new video detox drinks have been does eating less make you lose weight working for many people for a lot of years now all of you want to lose weight right but no one wants to exercise these detox drinks are made for people who want to lose weight but have time to do it because of all the things that they do all day well let me tell you something if you want to lose weight you have to focus on it and be more dedicated because if you don’t it will be extremely difficult for you to lose weight in this post I am going to tell you about



the seven healthy and delicious smoothie recipes that are going to help you lose weight quickly

before we get into those let’s chat about weight loss for a minute a perfect smoothie will not magically make you lose weight in fact no one thing is going to do that at least not in a

healthy or sustainable way if you want to lose weight and not everyone does you have to also address a range of other factors do you lose weight by not eating that play important roles sleep stress hormones and other medical issues to name a few Biggie’s let’s get started number one green smoothie the ingredients are 1/2 cup of water 1 stalk kale 1 cup spinach 1/2 lemon skin on 1/2 inch piece of peeled ginger 1/3 of a medium cucumber 1 pear skin on 3 mint leaves this is the number one smoothie recipe that I recommend for you to take each and every day so that it can help you lose weight without doing any hard work number 2 detox pumpkin smoothie I love this recipe it is so delicious that how fast will i lose weight on nutrisystem you won’t even feel that you are drinking something that can make you lose weight fast it will be like you just went out with your friends to have some smoothies just like other days what gives pumpkins



their gorgeous orange color is the antioxidant beta carotene this nutrient is helpful in slowing down aging in the body did we mention pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin C with only 49 calories a cup of cooked pumpkin boasts 3 grams of fiber great for filling you up without weighing you down the

ingredients are 1 cup pumpkin puree canned or fresh 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

one half frozen banana adds creaminess and sweetness without added sugar handful of ice cubes – of pumpkin pie spice swapped for cinnamon if you don’t have this blend all ingredients together

and enjoy number three chia Berry  does not eating make you lose weight belly blaster the ingredients are 1 cup plain Greek yogurt unsweetened 1 cup frozen berries blueberries strawberries or acai berries make great options 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon ground chia seeds 1/2 cup ice you don’t have to do much for this recipe just put all of it in a blender and when it is done you can drink the smoothy number 4 watermelon smoothie watermelon contains only 30 calories per 100 grams each wedge of watermelon also contains less than a gram of fat and is cholesterol free plus watermelon is more than 90 percent water and can help you stay hydrated the ingredients are six cups of seedless




watermelon one cup of lemon sherbet non-fat milk or low-fat vanilla yogurt 12 ice cubes blend them all together and enjoy your smoothie number 5 blueberry breakfast smoothie the ingredients are 8

ounces of water 1/2 of a large banana 1/3 cup of soy protein 1/2 tablespoon of flax seed oil 1/4 cup of blueberries 1/2 tablespoon of apple juice concentrate or honey 1 TSP of psyllium seed husks 6

spicy tropical greens the ingredients are 1 cup frozen mango chunks 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks 1 and 1/2 unsweetened coconut water 1 cup leafy greens baby spinach kale collard greens etc 1/4 cup lime juice 1/4 of a teaspoon cayenne pepper optional blend all the ingredients together and enjoy your smoothie 7 berry smoothie the ingredients are 1 cup almond milk 1 cup frozen berries strawberries raspberries blackberries how fast can you lose weight by not eating etc 1 banana one tablespoon almond or peanut butter handful of ice here creamy banana melds together with metabolism boosting berries blueberries and raspberries contain the flame annoyed anthos island which is associated with lower glucose levels fewer cravings and increased metabolismin a simple shake that’s as filling as it is tasty blend them all together that’s it guys if you like this post then feel free to share it with your friends and family don’t forget to Share this Article with your friends

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