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How to Lose Weight In 1 Day for Men by Types Of Exercices At Home

hey my friends here CEO welcome fitness and this article is all about how to lose weight in one day for all you guys out there so it’s actually pretty simple and you can start seeing results really quickly in just one day if you make a few simple shifts so what I want you to do is just focus on your nutrition throughout the day focus on eating lots of healthy fats and cutting out the starchy carbohydrates that’s really all you have to how to lose weight on adderall do so if you think about it most people eat a lot of rice and bread and grains and pasta and they’re scared of eating fat because they think fat is gonna make them fat well if you think about it over half the world is clinically overweight and 1/3 of the world is clinically obese so obviously eating all those heart-healthy whole grains isn’t helping anybody it’s actually making you fatter and it’s making you sicker so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna flip that up flip that on its head and we’re gonna eat a lot more healthy fat throughout the day so if you’re looking to lose weight in just one day over those 24 hours eat lots of healthy fats like avocado coconut oil eggs bacon grass-fed butter black olives



you know things like that you know steak with a little bit out you know fat around the trim eating up that actually helps you burn more fat and helps switch your body from being a card but burn the worth relying on carbohydrates to lose or loose weight burn for fuel it turns that it turns your body into a fat burner we’re choosing your fat stores around your belly around your love handles around your thighs your arms wherever you store fat that’s where you start burning it off when you start eating this way so I like to call it an energizing diet because these healthy fats give you a ton of energy while to help you lose weight at the same time so just gonna flip your nutrition approach on its head you’re gonna cut out the whole heart healthy grains cut those out and start eating lots of healthy fats and the other key is any more vegetables in the way you can do that is cook the veggies in you know grass-fed butter or coconut oil so cook them in the healthy fats to make them taste better



and then they also help fill you up so you’re not you know eating every two to three hours cuz you’re thin your body doesn’t have a chance to actually digest the food that you’re eating you just keep dumping more and more on because you know you’ve been told at some point that eating of a

couple hours helps keep your metabolism burning and keeps it high which is completely not true so

start doing that and you can lose you know a lot of weight over a day over a couple days if you keep doing this you can start seeing your body tighten up get leaner and it’s all just by the way

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