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How to lose weight in Ramadan by Healthy Eating || Ramdan Diet || Live Life With Sehar

Hello hello and  watching determined The influx of Ramadan and Inshallah we Friday people living in pakistan This year will be its first day of fasting Ramadan has just arrived and what is it What to do then make the rolls Make it because we have done it We have to do that many people And who in normal soil but comment us That we would stand in front of manual labor And the dress that we have throughout our year Ramadan has increased that we By making, more sugar is left behind.
Put and live how we thirsted Is the whole day so long as we have sweet water If you drink, then nothing can happen Normally ignores the water and we People go sweet as this option Water used to destroy and some people I have seen this people all over The soft drinks page that Pepsi needs more Soil and military and things like that I have been drinking clips since today People are concerned about these things I am going to how fast will i lose weight on nutrisystem tell you that these things How can you replace Cheese with me and this video is very I am going to be interested in this very much Gonna give you some good tips How can people make turmeric aftari How can turmeric channels For that you must have seen this video till the end This is how to wish a problem on a birthday in many countries it is clear to Can’t even get out of your house

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