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good morning everybody welcome back to my websites today I’m back in my home town because of quarantine everything like that going on I’d go back to my mom’s house so it’s three hours away from  I have  living in the past few years so it’s gonna be different scenery today but yes I’ll
probably be here for a while so see quite a few videos in the city today I want to take you guys through a photo what I eat in a day on a rest day I’m just starting a new workout split and I’m really excited about it I’m getting lean now so I will be tracking eating vegetables and meat to lose weight all of my macros as they wanna track you know day 2 of tracking my macros and I’m pretty excited for it I haven’t tracked macros in a hot minute so yeah it’s gonna feel good to feel structured and be back on track and I’m currently trying to lose weight I lose a little bit of fat so I’ll show you guys what I eat on a rest day while I’m trying to lose fat it is a 9:30 in the morning  I’m just about to go  nd get breakfast so I’ll take you guys with me and I’ll show you my breakfast okay so I just made my breakfast I’m just about to eat it I did track all the macros for this


so I’ll show them up on the screen for you but all together my breakfast comes to 291 calories when I’m track your macros I don’t include adding vegetables or anything that’s really low in calories to My Fitness Pal just further more honestly to me it isn’t worth it it just is a lot of effort to write that
I had a 10 gram mushroom that had like two calories will you lose weight if you stop eating meat you won’t see me doing that when you look at all the meals that I track on the screen for you but all together my breakfast says just under 300 calories it has 29 grams of protein which is perfect I like keeping my protein between 20 and 30 grams for breakfast get a fair bit of protein in to start my day off and then it’s pretty low in carbs there’s only 14 grams of carbs it’s a rough day so I don’t need high carbohydrates and also first thing in the morning I’m not doing anything too strenuous so I just don’t feel like I need that energy spike right now that it is that 13 grams of fat that is awesome


for breakfast because fat keeps you fuller for longer so once you digest fatty foods you’re gonna feel full for a lot longer than once you digest carbs carbs give you a quick energy spike fats keep you full for a fair while but they’re not so good for those energy spikes so yes my breakfast when I’m cutting when I don’t have a workout happening right away are gonna be high protein high fat fairly low carb and I also do have a coffee with me I just drink my coffee black I yeah I can’t do cream I can’t do anything in there so I just have a black coffee with me I have it this a B K our water bottle I’ve
talked about it in my favorites article can you lose weight by eating once a day I love it it is oh my gosh I literally love this water bottle so much it’s not even funny but yes it’s a one liter water bottle I try and drink as much water as I can in the day but I like to fill this out first thing in the morning make sure I’m hydrated first thing from when I wake up till when I go to bed all right I’m gonna eat my breakfast and I’ll talk to you guys when I have my next meal all right so I just made my next meal it’s just a light lunch I just have three pieces of a multigrain bread it’s a pretty light bread normally I’d have two pieces but I won’t for three just because it’s a light bread not too many calories in it and then one whole avocado who is pretty big avocado I think it was 145 grams


so there was a lot of fat in it this meal has probably about 20 grams of fat total which is a lot but I don’t mind having a lot of fat especially when it’s healthy fat especially on rest days and then on top
of the avocado toast I just put some lemon juice some paprika and some Himalayan salt just add some flavor so for the three pieces of bread my carbs ended up being at 40 grams so still not
too high not too bad 210 calories and then and there was eight grams of protein than that and then for the avocado there was 12 grams of carbs and there’s 232 calories can i lose weight eating rice hey you guys I’m just sitting outside trying to get some Sun so I’m a little bit less pasty than I am right now but I want to quickly talk to you guys about my macros so as you have seen I track all my meals all my macros using My Fitness Pal I love that app I’ve used it for years and years now and yeah I absolutely love it my caloric goal sorry this might be shaky my caloric goal for birthdays always stays the same it’s at I want to say 1500 calories right now



that’s always what I aim to hit for rest days and then my macronutrients my protein always is the same whether it’s a rest day a leg day and upper body day doesn’t matter it will always stay around the same amount of grams for my body and then my carbs and my fats for rest days I’ve been studying pretty much non-stop all day it’s my exam week so finishing up school this week I’ve been a little bit stressed out studying a lot and I still a few more hours of studying to do but it is 9 o’clock so I’m having a little snack to get me will not eating make you lose weight through the next hour and a half studying before bed so I just have one of these little Greek yogurt containers it’s just raspberry Greek yogurt there is only 80 calories in the container um 11 grams of carbs 9 grams of protein so lots protein which is perfect I’ll have my protein macros and then I have 150 grams of strawberries and just mixed in there as well


get some fruit get some sugars get some carbs a little bit of an energy spike to get me through my studies before I go to bed but this will be my last meal or snack of the day I hope you guys enjoyed

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