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Cleanse Your Colon and Lose Weight in 7 Days Just Drink 1 Cup of This Drink

just by drinking this drink it is a completely natural drink that will help you lose weight quickly and also cleans your colon just drink it twice a day after only one week the effects will surprise you he is

how to prepare firstly you will need to repair cucumbers cucumbers are very high in water and fiber and are extremely low in calories the high water content allows you to achieve a full effect which enables weight loss and the high fiber a stat how weed helps you lose weight Chesham which facilitates the remover of accumulated waste in the colon for this recipe you just need 1/2 cucumber then cut it into small pieces take a blender and add all cucumber pieces in it next you will need an apple and cut it into small pieces high fiber in apples will fill you up so you’re less likely to overeat this fiber also feeds the good bacteria in your gut improving gut health studies have shown a connection between – gut bacteria and obesity if you make sure that your Apple is opening don’t need to kill it eating apple pills can increase the amount of brown fat’s in the body this makes you burn more calories and lose weight after can alcohol help you lose weight cutting a temple into the blender the third ingredient of this recipe is pineapple you need 150 grams of pineapple and then cut them into slices pineapple is a fibrous fruit so eating



it can keep you full for a long time and you want is more the various enzymes and nutrients in pineapple ensure a proper digestion this helps lose weight and reduces bloating then add pineapple into the blender next cut one small piece of elaborate and extra its shell a leverage l can help you lose weight because it has elastic effect that is magician a healthy digestive system brings you a proper food metabolism and an optimal waist expulsion from the body that helps in losing weight

when you have the leverage can adderall help you lose weight yell use us fool and scoop one tablespoon of leverage l into the letter and the last ingredient of this recipe is orange oranges alerted with fiber which helps in easy bowel movement and keeps you full between the meals regular bowel movement is necessary to lose weight cut one orange and squeeze astute into the blender you should use a strainer to avoid orange seeds falling into the drink  finally at 200 milliliters of water turn all the blender and blend all the ingredients until they’re homogeneous then pour the drink into a cup and enjoy during this cleansing drink can cbd oil help you lose weight twice a day once in the morning aren’t empty so much and once in the afternoon and make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water during the day after a week that effects will surprise you if you liked this video give a thumbs up and share with your friends if you want morerecipes and tips subscribe to the

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