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what’s up YouTube this is Rebecca today becoming a child with another video before I get into this video if you knew welcome to my channel my name is Rebecca all I want you to do is hit that

subscribe button and when you hit that button make sure you select the notification bell and select also every time that I upload you’ll get notified if they share button to sharing is caring there no secrets on this channel also make sure you smash that like button and leave a comment down in the comment section for your girl going to bed I respond to them all and if you’re not doing welcome back Dave again hey guys how are you guys doing this Thursday April 16 been busy the board

still quarantine all that good stuff I just wanted nutrisystem how much weight can i lose to take a bone out to say for all of you guys that are new because I’ve been getting a whole lot of new subscribers thank you for subscribing to my channel you’re greatly appreciated and of course all my oldies but goodies you have know y’all always hey thanks for looking out for you girl okay what you can tell about this title this um videos is gonna be short and sweet to the point and it’s about weight loss you



know I saw a video the other day if I lives life and basically she is kind of like bothered because she’s fat and people are coming for her comments and she’s trying to do weight loss and I

guess just about all of the mommy on a gang or on this weight loss kick type of thing like my jazzy life is doing her weight loss thing which we all know she she’s done this about a good 10 to 15

times since she’s had a twin so in two years you manage not to lose any weight because you don’t stick to it you know I’m saying if you’re gonna say I can 20 lose weight just try to stick to as best

as you can you know and limit your can alcohol help you lose weight your food intake you know what I’m saying and live you know she was really annoyed because I guess somebody’s in was in the one her comments I don’t know and just made a video and he just really went in on her and she was really upset and bothered by that but she has to also remember she do the same thing to people



she literally start a video or live and start off on one topic and then just start going in on reactors and how they look and this that and the third so I just felt somebody did make a video on her and went in on her about her being fat that’s just her karma because she’s always always always low-key

talking about people and how they look and how they can’t do great makeup right and how this and how that and it’s like focus on what you got going on you know what I’m trying to say and you know your fat is obvious as I’ve been that way for they’re very very very very long time why do you even let it bother you do what you got to can adderall help you lose weight do as a grown-ass woman how do you like to say and lose the weight you know it’s not that hard if you put your mind to it you know but you got to want to lose the way you can’t say yeah in front of the camera but I’m going on a weight-loss journey and here’s my shakes and these are all the vitamins and I’m taking and these are the cucumbers that I’m doing cuz Chris



he eats cucumber some even cucumbers too and all of that hmm and next cliff we see you wolfing

down Donuts drinking sugary coffee drinks from Starbucks I mean come on be serious about your weight loss journey and it’s not all about another food that you eat exercise yeah we’re in quarantine you can’t go to the gym I Oh fine we know that exercise around your house you guys figures run

up and down your stairs you know twenty thirty minutes you know do the best that you can do and what you can do to help yourself and I feel with all of these women need to learn how to do it stop

worrying about what everybody said because long as you keep feeding into that everybody gonna keep with you and picking with you and that’s that’s all married thing always message because they know that’s your weak point they know that live your fat so we’re gonna go in on she said why do you let it bother you you’re the only one that can change you being fat no one else can change that



you know I mean it’s simple as that and you gotta want to lose the weight because you want to lose the weight don’t want to lose the way because your man thank you to fat don’t lose the way because your girlfriends are trying to lose weight so now all of us is doing it together but one of us ain’t gonna do it like the other one do come on you got to change yourself for you not for anybody else because guess what I’ve done that let’s go to this to the gym let’s learn let’s lose weight together with a friend

with a bestie and I should never works either she gonna drop out and stop well I’m gonna drop out to stop or somewhere in between we get lost in translation so all I’m saying is lose weight because

you want to lose weight for yourself not how much weight can you lose fasting for 7 days for anybody else and don’t pay attention to what people say about you you know especially if you know you’re not willing to do the work to change what they’re saying about you and that you know that you go in or folks just as much as they do but that’s all I had to save someone to bring that point up because like I say everybody’s on this weight-loss kick you know and I’m just gonna sit back and see how long it lasts but until next time guys bye

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