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hey guys welcome back to my website I’m so glad y’all are here a little less Ashley and I am  urrently on my way to the grocery store I’m actually gonna stop and get some espresso for my coffee
first what I have to go out first thing in the morning I think that’s the perfect excuse to get coffee out it’s really no different than making my coffee here it’s just like a nice little treat and it’s only like two dollars and something so not bad for getting it every now and then but yeah I’m on my way to get my groceries from Walmart grocery pick up I wish they would sponsor me because I talk about them all the time it’s the best thing ever especially in quarantine right now you don’t even have to go inside Market about everything your car for you it’s so nice so I will say one thing about the Walmart grocery pickup for right now is it’s really hard how much weight can you lose in 10 months to get a timeslot because that’s what  verybody’s trying to do since they don’t want to go into the stores it’s been really difficult to snag a spot I got very lucky with my spot I woke up like first thing I think it was like Sunday


morning I mean I was up at like 6:00 a.m. and the first thing I thought it was let me see if I can get
a Walmart grocery spot for today and of course the only thing they had available was for Wednesday so today I had to weigh it all the way from Sunday to Wednesday which is fine but we still had a few things that we could eat on and I made one recipe on Monday that I’ve been eating on ever since but we are needing quite a few things so I’m very Glad that I get to go get that right now and they were only out of fat-free cream cheese and Parmesan from a husband and the bread that I wanted I’d say it’s pretty good but anyway so far get to Duncan I just just say that I hope everybody  good Easter I didn’t really talk to you guys can anxiety meds make you lose weight  around Easter me and Mac and do anything because everyone’s in quarantine so usually we go to the beach with his family on Easter I haven’t celebrated Easter with my family since I’ve been with Matt which is okay because we celebrate other holidays with them but that’s kind of become our tradition as going to the beach and ofcourse


that year this year that didn’t happen it’s just really sad but you got to do what you got to do so we’re gonna try to go sometime in the summer all together I know I definitely celebrated with lots of treats but other than that I have been in pretty good getting back on track the first two days coming off a
flick the cheat day are so hard for me and so today is the third day and I’m feeling really good and strong but and I’m back down to the way I was before I took that those few little treat days also thank you to you guys for over 5,000 subscribers I think I’m now like over 5,500 so I’m almost to 6,000 which is just insane to me because I just started this channel in December and it has grown so fast and I just love each and every one of you guys also I just hit 2k on Instagram which is also crazy because it’s so hard to grow on the Instagram most weight you can lose in a month and I started my Instagram from scratch like it wasn’t my personal Instagram before I just appreciate and love each and every one of you I just understand how hard it is to get started and I have a long ways to go so I’m just thankful that you


guys are here to go along the journey with me so I made a mistake you can see a little box right
there I went to Walmart first to get my groceries and it took quite a while which I don’t know why because nobody else is there but I’m sure they’re really busy so I waited and I should have come to Duncan first because I’m starving and I could’ve been put on my coffee the whole time some good news I kept I was sitting here and drive-through on because Duncan’s really busy too and I was like gosh I thought out a gift card to Dunkin Donuts well then I remembered I downloaded the Dunkin Donuts app on gift card on here and can you lose inches without losing weight I have a $25 gift card on here just even better and then also some of you might be wondering why I’m at Dunkin instead of Starbucks and that’s because my little small town just to not have a Starbucks well we have one that’s probably it’s further away than the stomach and doughnut but it’s inside of a grocery store so I’d have to get out and let go in and this one’s just closer and more convenient word on the street is they are building one on a major


highway that coasts around town so we’ll see although I really don’t have a huge preference did you look on the Weight Watchers app and I don’t know if you guys knew this but Weight Watchers does have a list of restaurants that you can choose from and I was looking at Dunkin Donuts because I’d really love something actually to eat right now

What do you think?

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