struggle to lose weight!
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Reasons people struggle to lose weight!

so congratulations your hypno thin planner trucker food log and everything are on their way to your inbox but just wait to go through with you the three main reasons that most people don’t lose weight and if you stick with me through to the end of this you will realize you are probably in one of these three categories I myself struggled with weight loss for years and years and years I would start

really strong start to lose the weight but then after you know 2 3 4 weeks sometimes months I’d have that little blip and I’d go right back and I would just start putting the weight back on and my you yourself have probably experienced the yo-yo weight loss you lose the weight put the weight back on the main reason why people yo-yo diet is will zoloft help me lose weight because they have a poor self-image that is the first secret you have probably have a poor self-image I didn’t see myself as fit and healthy my self-image was one of an overweight person and once



you have that poor self-image you know you constantly a subconscious mind is working in the background driving you towards eating more because it thinks that’s what you want so when

you sat there and you’re bored watching TV and all of a sudden you think I’m gonna go eat that chocolate in the cupboard you’re not actually hungry why do you do that that’s because you have a

poor self-image and your subconscious mind is just reminding you to eat constantly so we need to change your self-image before you can even start to lose weight otherwise it’s gonna be to one step forward two steps back constantly does a steam room help you lose weight so self-image is the first thing you need to change the second thing is an emotional connection to food a lot of people overeat because there’s some kind of emotional blockage they emotionally so they eat as a celebration or they eat when they get sad and everything in between so if you don’t remove the emotional blockage the emotional calls for that ovary



ting then again you’re never going to lose that weight you’re going to struggle struggle struggle on all these diets and you end up being on a diet for three years solid and you’re heavier than when you start it that is emotional blockage you need to get rid of those emotional blockages and the third reason the most common is bad mindset and habits your habits and daily routines need to change obviously you need to move more and you need to eat less once I really got to grips with those three

things in my life the weight just came off and it has done for all of my clients literally if you remove those emotional connections to eat does meth help you lose weight overeating and if you boost that self-image so that you feel fit and healthy and you believe you fit healthy the weight starts to come off and the last thing obviously then is the habits so this program that I have put together is the result about 20 years of work and lots of experimenting you get emotional clearance we get rid of those negative emotions causing you to a brief you get it’s a six week program so first week week one you’re going to just get the motivation to move you’re gonna be have



three sessions and you will be motivated ready to get out there and get going but that’s not gonna keep you going I learnt that so then we need to get the mindful eating sessions the mindful eating will see you start to you know when you start to eat and you don’t even realize whether you’re full or not mindful eating makes you very aware of your body and you think oh actually now I’m

satisfied so the mindful eating module actually gets to grips with eating just as much as you need and I’m pushing it away you’ll get used antidepressants to help lose weight to pushing that plate away once you’ve done this module the next week we’ll see you start to attack that emotional eating with the emotional this is a really really powerful session the emotional clearance protocol it will clear the negative emotions with overeating once you’ve done that things will really start to shift for you then you will then move on to the self-image package where we really boost your self-image making you feel absolutely amazing and that will be manifested so deeply you will believe 100% you are almost for good you will decide with how much weight can i lose with lap band surgery conviction this is it so if you’re interested read on click the link below and find out more about the package I’m doing a special lockdown deal at the minute so grab that deal before it’s gone this is only available while we are on lockdown you want to come out of quarantine with that amazing figure make sure that you make use of your time while you’re in quarantine







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