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have you been drinking green tea and not losing weight have you ever thought of the right time to drink green tea hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m Sonia in today’s video I’m going to talk to you guys about green tea for weight loss green tea has zero calories and helps lose weight and burns fat especially harmful abdominal fat and boost metabolism drinking green tea regularly helps liver a heart healthy life in other words GT has a positive impact on cardiovascular health it is rich with antioxidant and is known to  what foods can i eat on the south beach diet reduce the risk of cancer it eliminates fat from body removes bad cholesterol reduces diabetic risk and aids weight loss selects me how to prepare green tea to start off I am boiling a glass of water it is always recommended to drink freshly brewed tree once the water comes


to a boil switch off the stout add a teaspoon of green  do you burp a baby after eating baby food tea and let them infuse into the water for a couple of minutes it’s important to not boil the green tea and instant infuse them into the water  once done you are ready to strain them off and drink do not drink green tea on empty stomach this may cause acidity and do not drink

before sleep this may cause restlessness  do you burp babies after eating baby food drink green tea one our before our after  meals drinking before suppresses over eating drinking after strengthens digestion and builds metabolism if you are either pregnant or planning to conceive then avoid drinking green tea


so that’s about this article foods to eat while taking votrient guys I hope this was informative and if you like this video please do not forget to subscribe to my channel like this video and share it among your friends and family so until next time I’ll see you all bye bye


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