HEADACHE RELIEF : Get Rid Of Headache Pain

hi today we’re going to talk about a neck exercise or stretch called cervical retraction as I have presented with  other  often our head is forward as we’re going through our day looking at our computer looking at our phone

sitting in bad posture and this exercise or stretch will correct that so the first way I teach my patients is actively meaning you’re going to use your neck muscles and it’s called a chin tuck so you’re bringing your chin back it’s almost like you’re making a double chin or you are making a double chin eyes are gonna stay horizontal and you’re gonna bring that head back once you have mastered that we add the hands we put our knuckles together we put our knuckles on her chin and we actually use our arms now to push beyond where we canactively retract and this


becomes a bigger stretch be gentle with this exercise because even though it is almost 99% effective on my neck and headache patients it is it can make you worse if you’re doing it too aggressively so I’m going to turn

sideways so you can see that in a plane correct plane we’re going to try to get my ear in line with my shoulder I’m keeping my eyes horizontal I’m bringing my chin back passel email we put our knuckles together you put

your knuckles on your chin and we’re driving ahead back with both of those you should feel a stretch anywhere  from the base of your skull to the middle of your back one’sactive once passive when you can push it

to passive retractions you want to the intensity and the amount of repetitions that you do throughout the day


will make this program work or not work I normally start out with 10 reps at a time anywhere from three to five times per day as you can tolerate that and/or as your symptoms improve you can build to two sets of tend three to five times a day and then eventually our goal is to get you to three sets of ten three to five times per day again heady patience very gentle to start with and make sure you’re not worsening if you feel like you’re worsening decrease your intensity and your reps if you’re still worsening stop and we’ll show you a new position

or what’s called an unloaded position with a future post


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