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How To Lose Weight and Detox Your Body With Lemongrass- Top 10 Health Benefits, Effects & Uses

lemongrass top 10 health benefits effects and uses the lemongrass plant is a type of grass Grameen II which is

harvested for it leaves its stem and it’s seeds this grass does crawl along the ground like other grasses it spreads

into a clump although unrelated to lemons lemon grass has a distinctive aroma of lemons due to the fact that it shares a number of chemical constituents in its essential oil including citral citronella and geranium in this video we have listed some best food universal studios hollywood health benefits of lemon grass effects and uses lowers blood pressure there are also proofs that lemon grass can effectively limit blood strain by way of stimulating blood circulation in addition consumption of lemon grass juice has been claimed to help minimize hypertension prevent cancer here is some

preliminary evidence that lemon grass could be used to prevent or treat cancer.


citral was found in lava experiments to activate the cell death program of cancer cells various anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory best food traceability software and there is some evidence of cancer-preventing properties from studies on rats but there is an absence of controlled human studies firmly establishing many effects in humans fights inflammation there is some evidence that lemongrass has analgesic properties to relieve inflammation and irritability problems this properties is thought to act by a different best pet food stocks mechanism from aspirin like painkillers these advantages have been shown in animal research to be accessible through drinking lemon grass

tea antiviral properties according to experiment conducted under highly controlled conditions have shown that

the essential oil of lemon grass has antiviral properties both against plant viruses and human viruses including

herpes simplex virus 1 hsv-1 the virus which causes cold sores antifungal.


properties in vitro studies found lemon grass to have antifungal activity particularly against the candida yeast

switch often caused infections in humans skin health lemon grass can help to repair your skin as a result of the

presence antioxidants contained in lemon grass this alongside with it being rich in vitamin e means that it will continue to look young and sparkling for longer in addition it’s been reported that it can help to reduce pimples and acne insect repellant strangely enough not all of the benefits of lemongrass our health or beauty based the plant is full of essential oils which have an array of benefits jaren oil Borneo and Citronelle all in particular repel bugs and the latter is the primary active ingredient in citronella candles digestive aid lemongrass tea has been known to assist with indigestion abdominal pain colds intestinal cramps and diarrhea it can also help to reduce and prevent the formation of intestinal gas detoxing lemongrass is useful as a cleansing.


agent as it contains properties that cast off poisonous elements and uric acid this is tremendously beneficial for

the digestive organs menstrual cramps the essential oils contained in the plant acts as a slight muscle relaxant and is consequently advisable when used and administered to the skin therefore lemongrass tea can assist to

relieve muscle cramps spasms and nausea effects lemongrass is likely safe for most humans when used in food amounts it is possibly safe when taken by means of mouth applied to the skin or inhaled as aromatherapy short duration for medicinal purposes rarely lemongrass oil.


might cause a rash of skin irritation when applied to the skin however there have been some toxic facet effects such as lung problems after inhaling lemongrass and a deadly poisoning after a child swallowed a lemongrass oil based seattle best food insect repellent uses pregnancy and breastfeeding it is likely unsafe to take lemongrass pregnancy lemongrass seems to be in a position to start menstrual flow so there is a concern that it would possibly cause a miscarriage.


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