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If You Eat Onion Every Day, This Can Happen to Your Body

Onions benefits are known for a long time. Onions layers symbolize the eternity and the protection for many civilizations as the Egyptian before 2500 B.C.The onion was the king of the food, both the green onions and yellow ones.

The onions has many benefits for humans health. Thanks to its protein, vitamin C, fiber and various.

The green onions include sulfuric substance which decreases the eyes cancer.

The onions is everywhere, you can find it in the supermarkets as a vegetable and you can buy it as a powder to use it in your food. The sulfur makes the onion rich of nutrition need for your body.

Forget about the onions smell. If you read about its health benefits, you will take it every day in your food or diet.


  1. Lower Cancer Risk.

The green onion if full of many minerals. The sulfur is the main mineral in onions which gives that special smell to the onions, but also it helps to detoxify the carcinogens the humans consume in their daily life.

Both onion and garlic offer health protection.So, to start your diet using the green onions. Never combine the onions with turmeric because it has a synergistic effects on your health.

To benefits from the onions, you can add freezing onions to your soup, rather than eating onions only.


  1. Lower Diabetes Risk.

When the insulin and the glucose become ineffective, the person who suffers from diabetes 2 has a natural alternative treatment which is the onions. when the insulin increases in the body, you should take the onions because it draws up the insulin level in your blood. Moreover, the onions balance the sugar and insulin for the people who suffer from diabetes type 2.


  1. Better Cardiovascular Health.

Onions contains a high quantity of an antioxidant named quercetin. This substance protects the cells and keeps the arteries soft and elastic. both onions antioxidant and lemon antioxidant can lower the blood pressure, heart attack, BP for women and regulate the types of IDL cholesterol.


  1. Enhanced Immune Function.

Immune function is the backbone of human health because all types of immune cells work to keep the strength and good health for the human. Thanks to selenium and quercetin, onions strength the immune system and support the heart health. Moreover, Onions reduce the inflammation in the body and keep the immune response to cancer cells higher .


  1. Allergy Relief.

A huge number of people all over the world suffer from many types of allergy. The most famous and popular allergy is the seasonal one which lead to snotty nose and cough, yellow runny nose and allergy asthma and immunology. These aspects drive people to take medicine to relief the pain and the negative side of allergy.

How can you find the natural medicine and avoid the chemical medicine? The onions are the most useful medicine for all types of allergy. Eating onions or taking quercetin supplements are the best way to overcome the allergy and the inflammatory compounds.


  1. Lesser Food Poisoning Risk.

fact, the onion is a anti-bacteria food, It is a medicine in itself because it is an opposite of constipation that many people suffer from. Besides, if the onion is eaten with radish salad and easy broccoli salad will decrease the chance of being sick.


  1. Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots.

As all we know that blood is the liquid that carry the oxygen and the necessary nutrients to our body organs. There are many types of blood but the most common type is O positive. This latter, is the best blood type to donate to the sick people. When you eat onion, your blood will get enough substances.

The onions prevent you from blood clots also they support the main function of the lungs and the heart.

  1. Improved Sleep and Mood.

Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Dopamine are the most popular medicines that people take to sleep or to regulate the mood. But many people suffer from the negative side of these chemical medicines because they become addicted and they cannot stop them also these medicines destroy brain cells and the immunity system.

Onions is the best mood stabilizer for depression that a lot of people suffer from. Besides, onions support healthy sleep because it contains a decent amount of folate or as it is known for vitamin B9.


All of us can benefit from the onion. For those people who dislike its smell, can eat onion as a powder in salad or look for quercetin supplements. But the fresh onion is better thanks to its natural benefits for general health.


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