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The Life Impact of Avocados | Benifits To Lose Weight | Ingredient Guide for Health

hi I’m Adrian but the life impacts your number one resource for conscious consumerism know the collective effect of what we buy and how best finger foods for christmas party our purchases positively or negatively impact our health animals and the environment this video is all about avocados or avocados vegan are avocados good or bad for your health and our avocados environmentally sustainable let’s find out when we buy avocados here’s what happens to animals

no animals are killed no animals celebrities eating food are harmed no animals such as wildlife are indirectly killed or harmed as long as pesticides have not been used therefore organic avocados are vegan and cruelty-free be sure to buy organic as pesticides undoubtedly harm and kill wildlife and ecosystems by degrading soil contaminating water and poisoning foods that animals eat when we buy avocados here’s what happens to our health for energy avocados helped author itís management aids digestion increase libido  dog not eating food reduce depression regulate blood sugar and improve visions for lifespans avocados helped bone strengthening boost immunity cardiovascular health

detoxification disease prevention fights and prevents cancer liver function lower cholesterol.


lower risk of diabetes and heart disease help kidney functions nutrient absorption and optimize pH levels in the body for appearance avocados help anti aging bad breath air skincare and weight loss additionally in

avocados of plant-based vegan alkaline with a 9 pH level once digested gluten-free is not a common allergen so

organic avocados can be considered a very healthy food when we buy avocados here’s what happens to the environment first let’s keep in mind that all ingredients require water and carbon will be emitted especially when considering harvesting the energy used when being transported refrigerated if necessary etc it’s just a matter of how much four avocados there’s a low water footprint it takes 1981 liters of water best erp for food manufacturing to produce one kilogram of avocados or 237 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of avocados that might seem like a lot

but compared to other foods it’s quite low for avocados there’s a low carbon footprint on average there are 1.1

kilograms of co2 emissions for every 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds of fruits a car driving equivalent of 2.5 miles or 4

kilometres remember it also depends on how far the food must travel so be sure to buy what’s in season and buy local additionally there is no significant.


environmental destruction caused by avocados there is no significant damage to air water land soil forests etc but again this is when barring organic and supporting pesticide free farming overall avocados are sustainable to see further details lists and tips visit my websites the life impacts com here you can find quick lists to see what ingredients are vegan or animal derived what foods are sustainable or water andn carbon intensive and health pros and cons on each individual ingredient be especially sure to browse the ingredient guide to get quick stats on my ingredient snapshots if you enjoyed this video please be sure to like subscribe comment and share thank you for watching remember that ignorance of syndromes so stay aware because you care.


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