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VEGAN TUNA SALAD | Easy Healthy Meal Prep

hello everybody welcome back to hungry for more today we have a bit of a simple basic recipe and so the roast isle of the video is gonna go along with that plus I took a pretty potent edible this morning so that’s that’s me all sorts of calm and  essed up yeah we’re gonna start out by just washing these chickpeas from their can I’d like to do this to save myself the extra dish I’m always looking for ways to do that so this is just one of them once those are done you’re gonna put them in a bowl I

just use the bowl because it looks better in this video but honestly you should plan on making this for lunches you should just make it right into a Tupperware and save yourself a dish now once that’s in whatever vessel you choose you just start  ashing it up until it looks like tuna and you’re gonna take your ultra sweet ultra new-moon knife and start cutting up some green onion and some celery make sure you get a nice chopping noise with that moon knife because that’s just the most



so once you get a decent initial chop on that celery just bring it over with the scallion and then just start combining it with a fine job now this is really where most of the flavor from this recipe is going to come from so I like to chop it real fine and have it everywhere now I’m using some Hellmann’s vegan Mayo here but you can also use Justin IO if you prefer that brand or

whatever you like and you’re just gonna put this all into your vessel and start combining it and yeah melding those flavors together a little bit now once that’s all done I like to top it off with some salt and pepper of course and any other spice you like sometimes I add paprika and then I toast up nice little pieces of multigrain bread just to keep this on the healthier side and yeah you just spoon this mixture up and if you’re really high like I was here you smooth it out for entirely too long yeah keep smoothing it Oh another scoop to smooth oh wow you’re really going for it code good job yeah then I just top it off with some fresh arugula you can use whatever greens you like if you like bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts or microgreens whatever hipster herb


you like go for that and that’ll make for a better little presentation of it and also a nice little touch of pepperiness from this Rula now I use my favorite hot sauce this is a nice habanero blend of sauce it’s really spicy and delicious and it’s organic and yeah that’s basically it top it off with the bread and because I give a about presentation I like to cut my sandwich on a diagonal

if you’re not doing this just just please do me a favor and start because it’s just a way better way to cut a sandwich cutting it straight through in half just doesn’t do it it doesn’t work for the first bite you see you get that nice diagonal bite here watch check it out look you bite right into the corner and that’s an extremely satisfying feeling and you just can’t do that with a sandwich that you cut normally in half yeah that’s it very simple recipe I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and I’ll see you next time .





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