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WHAT I ATE TODAY | Easy Raw Vegan | Healthy, Quick & Delicious To Lose Weight !

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Easy Raw Vegan | Healthy, Quick & Delicious To Lose Weight !


hi guys sander here and today I decided to make what I ate today kind of article  to give you insight and show you what I
typically eat in a day because this is a question that I almost always get and with good reason that everybody knows
what it’s about or how you eat or what it entails so I figured why not make a video around it keep in mind that what I eat daily may vary depending on what I have going on or what I’m doing and most importantly what food sources are available to me at that time today I am home so I’ve made the time to prepare my meals and share them with you starting with breakfast first I started the day filling at my water bottle with distilled water and fresh squeezed lemon juice it’s what I take with me to the
gym to keep my body hydrated and alkali I like to use a stilled water because it’s the next best thing to your fruits and veggies which contains the most purest form of water available to your body it’s also the best way to start out the day upon awakening to rehydrate and alkalis after a night of detox which is what the body does for you overnight next was breakfast for breakfast I had a free post-workout smoothie and this I can tell you is what I generally eat every single morning without their unless


I have a smoothie bowl which I’ll share some recipes on in future article  fruit smoothies in the morning are ideal for optimal nutrition mental clarity athletic performance and to energize the body for an optimal and productive kind of day it’s the time of day when your body craves nutrients and being that you have an empty stomach it’s key for optimal nutrient absorption in today’s morning smoothie I used one scoop garden of light vanilla raw protein powder a half a pineapple one apple one cup of frozen jackfruit one cup of mixed berries a thumb sized piece of aloe vera I don’t like using any more than a thumb
size because it’ll make your smoothies bitter tasting now if you like bitter then you can you


a little bit more than that and about a half cup of coconut water you can add more or less if you choose I like a thick smoothie but some people like it liquefied so it all depends on what your preference is if you want it thicker use less water if you want it liquefied use more I had a later start today because I was doing an intermittent fast with an eleven to seven eating window so I timed my workout to be completed around 10:45 ish so that it can put me right at 11 for my first meal of the day I am now getting ready to have lunch and I’m going to take it outdoors today it is just a beautiful day out the sun is shining it’s mid 50 degree weather still a little cold for me but I want to get outside and go for a while so I’m gonna take my lunch outside today and enjoy this beautiful day and I’m going to take you with me so for lunch today I am going to have this canary melon canary
melons are juicy sweet and delicious so if you ever come across one they look like this they’re bright yellow not too big they are delicious so be sure to give them a try if you like melons so I’m gonna cut this bad boy up and enjoy this beautiful day
slice the melon in half then remove the seeds from the center store them in an airtight mason jar so you can use later if you’d like to plant them or maybe make melon milk out of them all you need in the seeds and the water is that simple

for dinner I am making a delicious rainbow kale salad loaded with nutrient bursting goodness and best of all no animal was killed for it yes it’s possible to eat savory hearty healthy vegan meals that don’t require hurting another living being and as a matter of fact I can veganize any non vegan meal because nowadays more and more ingredients are being created to upport
the vegan community and to encourage and inspire others to give it a go so if there’s a non vegan meal that you love to eat and would like a vegan recipe for it let me know in the comments below what that meal is and I will create a recipe for you plus post it in a future video just for you so be sure to write that down and let me know in the comments below what your favorite recipe is because I would love the opportunity to create a vegan recipearound it now let’s move on to today’s

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