good morning guys welcome back to my websites a long time since I’ve done one of these but ah  ‘m making coffee this morning I’ve got it in the Ninja coffee maker if I can remember hello I will try
to link below my coffee maker it’s not the same one because they’ve made like a newer style or maybe a couple of newer stuff since I’ve got that one I always get questions on what kind of coffee
maker I have it is the ninja coffee bar I think is what it’s called but I’m not gonna remember I’ll try to link the race at one below because I think you can buy that one you need more but I love it you
can do hot and cold coffee and it even has a frother on it but I am making coffee this morning the only bummer to it which is kind of a bummer but then again bummer be and then I won’t be like 100% on track today however I have to have coffee I’m out I do not have any sugar free coffee



today so I’m just gonna use regular creamer that I have it by frigerator and I’m not going to worry
about it today because it’s gonna be way too many points to kale it’s gonna be a lot of points they’re not favorite sugar-free creamer is the International delight Italian sweet cream but the one I have something that my frigerator but it is old so we’re gonna do some not so healthy creamer today but I’ve got to have coffee so I’m just gonna deal with it and it’s not so easily going to the grocery store and just pick up I was actually I think I just read the other day the only thing is they didn’t have
any in stock so I was gonna give some they did have any in stock so we’re just gonna roll with it just do it a little bit better so this is the only creamer I have in my fridge rater this is our favorite like non healthy creamer the Cold Stone Creamery sweet creamy yummy so I’m gonna try to add a little less of this and sweeten it a little more ways I’m just liquid sweetener so I’ve got to have coffee so we’re just gonna roll with not count it so I did get 23 place a day and the last time you guys saw one


of these I got like 28 or something I was nursing and melee is no longer nursing anymore and so it has been quite a while I feel it’s been several weeks since I’ve like really like been on the play
and dirty quarantine is gonna be hard but I know like I have to like I’ve got to get back on track and I’ll start feeling better I know what to do so gotta just do it so I do follow the Weight Watchers a blue plan I’m gonna stick with the blue plan for now and switch it if I need to but I do love the blue pin because I eat a lot of 0.3 so it’s perfect for me but I’ve got my coffee I’m gonna drink that and so I’ll
have 23 points for the day and just try to stay on track as much as I can and try to get back with it and we’ll get back with it not just try we’re gonna I’m gonna do this and Corey is gonna be
really hard especially Ethan’s going to be awesome during these next several weeks too and they’ll even make it harder but I know I can do it so here we go out starting out with coffee and I’ll


make breakfast in just a bit this is going to be really simple stuff today as amazing back into it I really started yesterday just really simple stuff I don’t even know exactly what I’m gonna eat through the day but I’ll keep it simple today eggs are perfect to have in the mornin with something because  here’s a red point so I usually have two or three of those and then something to go with it
so actually had a three point total breakfast with my toast and a little bit of cottage cheese up it on there but I’m gonna go ahead and get some supper marinating it’s gonna be really pretty here today and we take advantage of our grill on really nice days so I think we’re girls some chicken and I want to show you guys my favorite way to grill to marinate chicken it is so simple but it’s so good and I’ve been doing this for several years now and it is like the perfect marinade I like to marinate it for several hours and it’s delicious Italian dressing put it in a ziploc bag marinate it for at least an hour but however long you can if you could do it all day that’d be great this is my favorite this is our favorite it’s got like such a good flavor so I’m gonna go ahead and get this started


so that way around 5:00 or so we won’t have it marinating for probably really six or seven hours by that point so I got a big thing of chicken breast at Sam’s Club so I’m gonna go ahead and take a few out to marinate go ahead and freeze the rest because it needs to be froze by a couple days from now so do go ahead and put it I’m gonna go ahead and do four that way Ethan can have one for
leftovers tomorrow at work so I’m going to put about four of them in here one for even out tonight and one for the girls and they’re pretty big so really the girls could probably share a whole I

What do you think?

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